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Kim Kardashian Advising Bruce Jenner On Womanhood, Having Sex

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Kim was initially reluctant to embrace step-dad Bruce Jenner's sex change. But now she wants to help him with the transition and will advise him on clothes, makeup and sex. (Photos: Getty)

Kim was initially reluctant to embrace step-dad Bruce Jenner’s sex change. But now she wants to help him with the transition and will advise him on clothes, makeup and sex. (Photos: Getty)

Kim Kardashian is reportedly already advising step-dad Bruce Jenner on clothes, makeup and having sex as a woman as he proceeds with his transgender. Bruce has been heartened by the way his family has accepted his decision.

Jenner’s mother, Esther Jenner is the latest family member to confirm that Bruce is going forward with his sex change.

Bruce Jenner Plans to Have Penis Removed in Transition to Woman

I just learned about [his transition]. Bruce filled me in, and we had a very long, long, long talk about it,” she told gossip site radaronline.

“I have never been more proud of Bruce for who he is, himself as a father, as an Olympian, a wonderful public speaker. He instills enthusiasm in people. He’s gifted,” she added.

Bruce has been slowly transitioning for almost a year because he didn’t want to shock the public or disrupt his children or step-children. But now that his decision is out in the open and has been widely accepted, he’s eager to move forward.

Bruce Jenner: Dude You Look Like a Lady; Revives Sex Change Rumors

Kim, reportedly was initially one of the more reluctant supporters after her step-dad broke the news.

“I guess I’ll kind of let everyone be curious and I feel like that’s his journey to talk about,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

“I just think it’s his story to talk about, not really mine,” she said seeming to distance herself from him.

But after the positive public reaction, she’s had a change of heart. She’s embraced what he’s doing and is determined to help him with the transition.

Bruce Jenner One Step Closer to Becoming More Like a Woman

Kim considers herself an expert on fashion, makeup and how to be feminine. She also considers herself very knowledgeable about sex.

She first gained fame in 2007, after making a sex tape with then boyfriend Ray-J. She’s made millions of dollars from it since it went public.

Kim has just about done it all sexually, and wants to help Bruce, a source says.

Bruce has been spotted in public lately with longer hair, painted nails and shaved legs. He also underwent a procedure to shave his adam’s apple, which is part of the process.

Ultimately, he plans to have his penis and testicles removed and undergo a “vaginoplasty.” The procedure will create a fully-formed vagina that is just as sensitive as a woman’s.

Bruce believes the ultimate validation of his decision will be to find a boyfriend and have a healthy sex life.

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