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Donald Trump Makes Sad Attempt to Lay Baltimore Riot Blame on Obama

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Donald Trump blasted President Obama today for the riots in Baltimore, in a rant that had clear political overtones. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Donald Trump blasted President Obama today for the riots in Baltimore, in a rant that had clear political overtones. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Donald Trump wasted no time scapegoating President Obama for a violent turn in Baltimore City protests over the death of Freddie Gray, 25. His rant on social media was not only sadly misinformed, but also patently racist and likely to do little to help the situation.

“Our great African American President hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore,” Trump tweeted today (Apr. 28).

The remark suggested that the president should have influence over rioters simply because they share the same skin color, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Baltimore City not only has an African-American mayor but also an African-American police commissioner. If they have no influence over the rioters why would Obama?

Peaceful protests over the death of an African-American at the hands of white police officers last week, turned to rioting and destruction in a clear case of opportunism by criminal elements.

Baltimore has suffered through urban decay and a loss of jobs just like Detroit and other older industrial cities. Poverty and drug use remain rampant. But city, state and community leaders, black and white, have worked hard to turn things around.

Progress can be seen everywhere in the inner city, where most of the destruction has taken place. Sadly, rioters have torched many of the things that knit a community together, like a corner drug store, a community center and locally owned small businesses.

Trump blasted Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for her handling of the situation, but she didn’t mince words in her response. She pointedly called the rioters “thugs” and vowed a tough police response.

Not long afterward, Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency and sent in the National Guard.

But not fast enough Trump declared in a great piece of Monday-morning quarterbacking.

“Blatant and rampant property destruction in Baltimore as the police stand by and watch. Should be a lesson on how NOT to handle riots. SAD.” Trump blasted.

To the contrary, the outnumbered police should be commended for showing restraint and containing the rioters. But not according to Trump.

“Now that the ineffective Baltimore Police have allowed the city to be destroyed, are the U.S. taxpayers expected to rebuild it (again)?” he asked.

And how many times has Trump been bailed out of financial disaster by banks, and yes, taxpayers? Google it.

Hypocrisy aside, Trump did offer this bit of wisdom: “Our country has to come together. We have to start working with, and really liking, each other,” he Tweeted.

Finally, he has a point. Too bad he had to spoil the thought with his needless political grandstanding.

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