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Is Bill Cosby the Worst Serial Rapist? Compare Him to This Dirty Dozen

Allegations that Bill Cosby drugged and raped women has caused him to be branded the worst serial rapists in history. Is the claim true? (Photo: Getty)

Bill Cosby has been branded the “worst” serial rapist in history by a number of media outlets, but is the term being bandied about too loosely? And is it fair to rank serial rapists solely by the number of victims? Here’s how he rates compared with the dirty dozen of contemporary serial rapists.

To date, Cosby, a beloved comedian for more than five decades, has allegedly assaulted more than 40 women.

Thirty-five of his alleged victims going back to 1969 have gone public and sat for a portrait that appeared today (July 27) on the cover of New York magazine.

For his part, Cosby has never been charged criminally and through reps, has denied the charges, calling some of the women outright liars. They’ve sued him, in return, for defamation.

The women all tell eerily similar stories. Cosby has stuck to an alleged M.O. unfailingly through the years. The women claimed he used his fame to gain their confidence, set up a meeting where they would be alone and drugged them into unconsciousness.

While they were out, he allegedly had his way with them. Most have vague only recollections of what happened and no physical evidence.

On all of those counts, Cosby stands alone, singly accused. But is he really the worst?

In the mid-1980s, FBI Special Agents assigned to the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) interviewed 41 men who were responsible for raping 837 women. The goal was to develop a profile of a serial rapist.

They found that serial rapists relied on three methods to snare their victims: the “con,” the “blitz,” and the “surprise.” Cosby’s approach clearly falls into the “con” category. In fact it’s widely used by celebrities who have been convicted of serial rapes.

The “blitz” and “surprise” tactics are used mainly by street rapists; the former attacks victims of opportunity, while the latter carefully stalks victims and accosts them in their homes or offices.

By sheer numbers alone, Cosby may be the worst alleged serial rapist, but he’s not the most prolific or the dirtiest. Here are other contemporary serial rapists who equal or exceed Cosby in the nature of their crimes. For comparison purposes, rapist who murdered their victims were excluded.

Check out some of the worst serial rapists in contemporary history, let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest celebrity news.

Dirty Dozen Serial Rapists (Click Photos for Bios!)

Jeffrey Pelo: Double-Duty Rapist.

Darren Sharper: Tainted Saint Rapist

Tyler Kost: HS Pretty Boy Rapist.

Nelson Clifford: Cat and Mouse Rapist.

Shmarya Rosenberg: Rabbi Rapist

Jeffrey Marsallis: Rapist

Beni Sala: Tel Aviv Rapist

Daniel Holtzclaw: Good-Cop, Bad-Cop Rapist

Dave Meggett: NFL Superstar Rapist.

David Martinez: Facebook Rapist.

Michael Jones: Suitcase Rapist.

Chris Hubbart: Pillow Case Rapist.

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