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Katie Rees, Ex-Miss Nevada, Still Hasn’t Tamed Naughty Girl Streak (photos!)

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Katie Rees as she appeared as a fetching Miss Nevada in 2007 and a mug shot from her recent Vegas drug bust. (Photos: Miss Universe Org. , Las Vegas Police)

Katie Rees as she appeared as a fetching Miss Nevada in 2007 and a mug shot from her recent Vegas drug bust. (Photos: Miss Universe Org. , Las Vegas Police)

Katie Rees whose naughty-girl Vegas partying cost her the Miss Nevada USA title nine years ago, is still a wild child. She can’t seem to kick a nasty meth habit or wise up enough to keep from getting busted.

She was arrested on Tuesday (Sept. 1) for the second time this year on Sin City drug charges.

Check Out the Photos That Cost Katie Her Crown (nsfw)

You may recall, Rees, now 31, was a sparkling beauty queen in 2006, when nasty party photos surfaced online.

By today’s standards, however, the photos aren’t that bad. Miley Cyrus easily tops her raunch quotient.

Rees was photographed at a Florida party in 2003, acting all “Girls Gone Wild” with some other women. She was tonguing and kissing girls with abandon, licking boobs and flashing her own set, as well as her pert behind.

The Miss Universe Organization, which runs the Miss USA pageant, was in no mood to overlook her actions.

It previously had been rocked by a similar scandal involving Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner. She had been photographed drinking will underage, using illegal drugs and getting frisky with Miss Teen USA.

Conner agreed to go to rehab and was allowed to keep her title. No so Rees. Donald Trump, who owns pageant, personally fired her.

The beauty queen faded into obscurity but continued her hard partying ways in Vegas. In fact, her only public appearances apparently have been on a police blotter.

She was arrested in 2008 for allegedly resisting arrest, and became an unwitting star on an Australian reality television show in 2009. She was stopped entering the country because drug residue was found on her baggage. (See Below)

When police asked how she could afford he lavish lifestyle, she claimed to be an actress.

She was also busted for drug possession in 2012.

In the latest incident, she was arrested Tuesday (Sept. 1) on drug charges including meth possession, after she and boyfriend Kevin “DJ Kulprit” Sims were pulled over by police, according to local press accounts.

Kate Rees mug shots show effects of meth addiction.

Kate Rees mug shots show effects of meth addiction.

Sims was allegedly speeding and failing to signal while changing lanes, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

The cops smelled marijuana in the car and found much more. Sims had a jar of liquid GHB, aka a date rape drug, as well as coke and meth, according to police.

Rees allegedly had weed, pipes, and rolling papers in her purse, along with Xanax, Oxycontin, and methamphetimine.

Rees admitted smoking meth, even though Sims claimed the drugs were all his. (what a guy!)

Given a previous arrest barely a month ago, Rees appears to be heading to the slammer. She’s facing five counts, including felony possession of meth.

In July Rees was charged with “trafficking in a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance, and two counts of conspiracy to violate the uniform controlled substances act,” according to the local Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper.

Check out the video below. Rees was an unwitting star of a border stop in an Australian reality show “Border Security: Australia’s Front Line.” The video is hilarious as she tries to explain. She ultimately wasn’t charged.

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