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Lamar Odom Worse Than Reported: Fluid Builds Up Around His Heart

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Lamar Odom had a stellar career with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he's struggling now to recover from a drug overdose. (Photo: Lamar Odom/Instagram)

Lamar Odom had a stellar career with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he’s struggling now to recover from a drug overdose. (Photo: Lamar Odom/Instagram)

Lamar Odom’s condition is still critical despite upbeat reports that he is talking and moving about his room. He was forced to undergo two surgeries today, including one to remove fluid building up around his heart, according to a source.

The condition often occurs during extreme trauma to the body that affects the heart and lungs, according to medical references.

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Odom was found unconscious in his VIP suite at the infamous Love Ranch South in Crystal, Nevada on Oct. 13.

He was rushed to the hospital and spent four days on life support in a coma. His vital signs were life threatening because of potential organ failure.

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He was able to regain consciousness and has shown improvement, but is still facing life-threatening complications, including kidney failure and stress to his other organs.

According to various reports, Odom is suffering from pneumonia and underwent a procedure related to his lungs. It probably also including draining fluid. If both reports are true, Odom would have been in discomfort and struggling to breathe.

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The build up of fluid around the heart is known as pericardial effusion, according to the Mayo Clinic. It occurs when the double-layered, sac-like structure called the pericardium surrounding the heart fills with fluid.

The fluid puts pressure on the heart, diminishing function. It can cause heart failure if it isn’t relieved through a surgical procedure.

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Both disease and injury can cause the condition. In Odom’s case, it may also be a complication related to pneumonia.

“Lamar is in a very fragile state,” a source tells People. “The infection, that is being aggressively treated with strong intravenous antibiotics, is unfortunately not getting better. There are many concerns about his health.”

Gossip site TMZ first to report the “two emergency surgeries” but did not say what they were for.

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“He’s in everyone’s prayers right now because he’s definitely not out of the woods. He’s in God’s hands,” the source told the tabloid.

In his current weakened condition, infections are a big threat.

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