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Rose Leslie Is Red Hot; Bring Back Game of Thrones Wildling! (Photos)

Rose Leslie played the feral Wildling Ygritte on HBO's Game of Thrones. Sadly, she was killed off. So why not bring her back for Season 6? (Photo: InStyle UK)

Rose Leslie played the feral Wildling Ygritte on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Sadly, she was killed off. So why not bring her back for Season 6? (Photo: InStyle UK)

Rose Leslie played the fetching feral Wilding Ygritte on the HBO series “Game of Thrones” for three seasons until Jon Snow’s love interest was killed in Season 5. With word the series plans to bring back Snow, who appeared to be killed as well, why not Ygritte?

One thing is certain, Rose is hotter than ever. She appears in a new photo spread in the UK edition of InStyle magazine.

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Since her departure from “Game of Thrones,” the 28-year-old actress has segued into movies and guest appearances in television series in Great Britain.

Her film resume includes the 2014 horror science fiction flick “Honeymoon,” co-starring Harry Treadaway. The movie included steamy scenes between the two.

Rose Leslie, Fiercely Fiery in InStyle UK
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The film scored an impressive 71 rating on rottentomatoes, which tracks reviews. “A lean, low-budget debut that taps into newlywed anxiety with subtle wit and no small amount of style,” wrote Jeannette Catsoulis in The New York Times.

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Her latest film, “The Last Witch Hunter,” is another dark fantasy action thriller. She plays a witch who has the power to see dreams. The film also stars Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood and Michael Caine. It fared less well with critics, who uniformly panned it.

Rose has two more films coming up in 2016.

“Sticky Notes,” a drama featuring Leslie as a dancer who returns home to aid her father stricken with cancer. Written and directed by Amanda Sharp and produced by Katie Mustard, it co-stars Ray Liotta, Gina Rodriguez and Justin Bartha.


Her other film, “Morgan,” takes her back into science fiction. Directed by Luke Scott, son of Ridley Scott, and written by Seth W. Owen, the film stars Kate Mara and Paul Giamatti.

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In each of her films, Leslie plays strong characters, no doubt a legacy of her role as Ygritte. She’s fierce, headstrong and a warrior, who is noted for her flaming red hair.

Jon is taken in by the Wildlings and falls in love with Ygritte. When he flees, she vows to kill him. But she is killed as Jon watches in the “Battle of the Wall.”

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Jon seemingly meets his own end in Season 5, but now seems to be returning. HBO teased his comeback in a trailer for Game of Thrones‘ upcoming sixth season. Why can’t they do the same for Rose. They make a great power couple in Westeros.

Check out the teaser and Rose’s stunning photos from InStyle. Let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest on “Game of Thrones.”

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