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Kim Kardashian Had Extensive Surgery; Kylie Had Work Too, Surgeon Says

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Kim Kardashian has steadfastly maintained that her look is natural, but a cosmetic surgeon is disputing her claim. (Photo: Getty)

Kim Kardashian has steadfastly maintained that her look is natural, but a cosmetic surgeon is disputing her claim. (Photo: Getty)

Kim Kardashian and half-sister Kylie Jenner are setting an unrealistic beauty standard for young fans, a prominent New York City cosmetic surgeon charged today (Dec. 15) He says the girls have had “numerous plastic surgeries” involving their hips, butt, face and breasts.

Dr. Tabasum Mir, host of Bravo’s “The Singles Project,” an interactive reality television dating show, leveled the charges in a new interview.

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Mir singled out Kylie for having so much work done at a young age. She just turned 18 this year. He called her an example of someone who has gone too far with cosmetic procedures.

“There is a lot that I think she has had done at such a young age – fillers, Botox, peels… she has had her hips and butt done for sure,” the doctor told talk show host Rob Shuter for

Kim has steadfastly maintained that her looks are natural, even though a number of cosmetic doctors have claimed over the years that she’s had extensive work. None of the doctors, however, can claim her as a patient.

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Kylie fueled more rumors she got butt plastic surgery after showing off her curves in an Instagram bikini photo Sept. 22.


Kylie finally admitted undergoing a lip procedure in May. Like Kim, she had insisted that her bee-stung pout was the result of carefully applied lip liner.

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“A little lip filler is not that big of a deal because it goes away, but what bothers me is when people say it is natural or they were born like that.
You give this false information to all these young girls,” Mir said.

“If you look at what [Kim] looked like in 2007 until now and she has almost redefined beauty,” Mir said. “Everybody has these tiny waists and these big backsides now.”

Mir said Kim has had a brow lift, hip implants and butt implants and everything else. “She looks fantastic, but everybody needs to understand its not natural because everyone wants those tiny waists and the big backsides and it’s not from squats everybody.”

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