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Emily Ratajkowski, 2015’s Hot Model, Wants to be 2016’s Hot Actress (Pics!)

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Emily Ratajkowski, 2015's Hot Model, Wants to be 2016's Hot Actress (Pics!) 1

Emily Ratajkowski has risen from music video vixen to one of 2015’s hottest models. And she’s a budding actress to boot. (Photo: LOVE Magazine)

Emily Ratajkowski wants to be more than a pretty face (and body) in front of a camera. She’s hellbent on being an actress, and not just eye-candy in the latest action-adventure film. She wants serious roles and she’s willing to hold out until she gets them.

Ratajkowski is an undeniable sex kitten. She had no qualms about taking off her clothes for steamy photo shoots.

But being one of the world’s hottest models has its drawbacks.

Ever since the 24-year-old shot to fame as a topless dancer in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video, Ratajkowski has struggled to escape Hollywood’s penchant for pigeonholing actresses.

“When people google my name they see this bikini-sex-symbol kind of thing and they’re scared to cast me as anything but that,” she said recently in the British edition of GQ magazine.

“So I’m taking a long and, I hope, high road of basically waiting for the parts that I’m most excited about, which can be really… annoying,” she adds.

Hopefully, it won’t take too long.

She established herself as credible actress in the 2014 psychological thriller “Gone Girl” with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. She played a student and mistress of Affleck’s character.

She scored a cameo on 2015 movie “Entourage,” based on the hit HBO show, and landed the lead role in the musical drama “We Are Your Friends,” opposite Zac Efron.

The film drew mixed reviews, although she was a standout.

“‘We Are Your Friends’ is a study in intoxicants: drink, drugs, youth and Emily Ratajkowski. All four are potentially dangerous, yet nearly impossible to leave alone,” wrote critic Kyle Smith for The New York Post.

“She is quietly entrancing, with a half-smile that could have been painted by Leonardo,” he added.

He’s got that right. Check out her video, let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest celebrity news.

Emily Ratajkowski, 2015's Hot Model, Wants to be 2016's Hot Actress (Pics!) 2

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