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William, Kate Really Are Like You and Me (Almost) Release Family Ski Photos

Kate Middleton laughs as she throws snow in Prince William's face. How many people can get away with that! Off with her head! (Photo: Palace/Twitter)

Kate Middleton laughs as she throws snow in Prince William’s face. How many people can get away with that! Off with her head! (Photo: Palace/Twitter)

William and Kate, better known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, made a giant play to prove they’re just like you and me (almost). They released family photos from a recent ski trip that included for the first time, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The photos were released with “delight” this morning by Kensington Palace on Twitter, of all places.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to share new photographs of their family. The images show Their Royal Highnesses enjoying a short skiing holiday with their children in the French Alps,” the Palace said in a statement.

The photos, taken by a single photographer, seemed designed to counter complaints that the royal couple is too walled off from the public by concerns over their privacy.

William, Kate Take a Family Vacation (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

Despite the glimpse into royal family life, the trip was taken in the utmost secrecy, according to UK media reports.

In contrast, William’s parents, Prince Charles and Lady Diana took numerous vacations with their young children that were public and open to the media. Hordes of photographers followed them on the slopes.

The photos could have come from almost any family outing, albeit one with a substantial amount of wealth to afford the luxury resort in the French Alps. They were taken on Thursday (Feb. 3) in what was described as a “short” vacation.

The trips established several notable firsts. A palace spokesman explained:

This was their first holiday as a family of four and the first time either of the children had played in the snow. It was very special and fun short holiday for the family, and they are grateful that [photographer] John Stillwell was able to capture the moment so well. The Duke and Duchess hope people enjoy the photos.”

William, 33, and Kate, 34, made a dashing couple in the snow.

But oddly, William chose his skiwear from an American company, Spyder, headquartered in Boulder, Colo. The company was founded in the 1970s by David Jacobs to make racing suits for professional skiers.

Click the link to the left to check out the skiwear that Prince William wears.

George, 2, wore a dark blue snowsuit, matching his dad’s lighter colored jacket. Charlotte, 10 months, was dressed in white, like her mom, who wore a white jacket with a fur collar and red ski pants.

Beside family photos, William and Kate were photographed frolicking in the snow. The Duchess even thew some snow in Prince William’s face. How many people can get away with that?

Both the Duke and Duchess are said to be excellent skiers but haven’t visited the slopes, once an annual outing, since having children, according to the Palace. “The couple have been keen to introduce their children to the slopes as soon as possible in the hope that they will inherit their love of the sport.

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