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Scarlett Johansson Challenges GOP Over Planned Parenthood; ‘It’s Nuts!’

Scarlett Johannson is taking on the GOP over its pledge to defund Planned Parenthood. She says the idea is 'nuts!' (Photo: Cosmopolitan)

Scarlett Johannson is taking on the GOP over its pledge to defund Planned Parenthood. She says the idea is ‘nuts!’ (Photo: Cosmopolitan)

Scarlett Johansson is the latest Hollywood A-lister to speak out against Republican plans to stripped Planned Parenthood of its funding. Both main GOP rivals, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump would also criminalize abortions throughout the nation.

The issue is one of many that clearly separates Republican presidential contenders from Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

But the issue makes no sense at all to Johansson.

“There are countries at war, there’s terrorism, global warming, and we’re like, ‘We should definitely cut the budget for Planned Parenthood,” she said in a new interview in the May issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

“It’s nuts,” she says. “We’re talking about preventing cervical and breast cancers.”

Trump caused an uproar last week when he said during an interview he would favor prosecuting women who have abortions. He quickly backtracked and said he would only prosecute doctors who performed them.

Even so, the practical effect would be to return the nation to an era of back alley abortions.

The point wasn’t lost on Johansson.

“You read about the rise of back-alley abortions, women having to mutilate themselves and teenagers having to seek help in unsafe conditions, and for what?! We’re moving backward when we’re supposed to be moving forward.”

The Supreme Court ruled in a landmark 1973 decision (Roe v. Wade) that the right to privacy guaranteed under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment extended to a woman’s decision to have an abortion.

Conservatives and the religious right have been trying to roll back the decision ever since.

Johansson has been politically active for years, largely supporting liberal causes. She campaigned for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004 and supported President Obama in 2008.

She even gave a speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention calling for President Obama’s reelection.

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