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Rihanna is Dressed to Kill in New ‘Needed Me’ Video; Move Over Miley!

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Rihanna is back with a hot new video for her song 'Needed Me' of her album Anti. She flashes her boobs , of course. (Photo: Paper magazine)

Rihanna is back with a hot new video for her song ‘Needed Me’ of her album Anti. She flashes her boobs, of course. (Photo: Paper magazine)

Rihanna is so sexual and revealing in her new “Needed Me” video, she’s putting Miley Cyrus to shame. Miley is all about in-your-face sexuality, but the Barbadian singer just oozes sensuality like honey on a summer day in keeping with her bad girl stage persona.

The Barbadian singer wastes no time showing her goods. In the opening scenes she’s wearing a see-through top. Woops! No Bra!

In the next, she’s dragging on a huge blunt. Yep, still the bad girl. The video is also heavy on gangsta’ visuals, including exotic cars, strip clubs and scary looking masked men with automatic weapons in what looks like a Third World looking ghetto.

The clip cuts back to RiRi in a luxury waterfront apartment. She even flashes a pistol with a silencer. Is she bucking for a role in the next “James Bond movie?” If so, give her a contract. She makes a murderous femme fatale and that’s in a hurts-so-good way.

Yep, she’s definitely an assassin. She takes out a pimp in a strip club with a couple of caps from her Glock. Make that three caps!

Forget James Bond. She should get her own movie. And maybe that’s the point of a video. It’s a hell of an audition tape.

Check it out below. It contains brief nudity, so consider it nsfw.

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