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Kate Gosselin on the Bubble: Will She Stay? Or Will She Go?

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Kate Gosselin on the Bubble: Will She Stay? Or Will She Go? 1Kate Gosselin is on the bubble — along with her 15 minutes of fame. Rumors persist that her TLC reality show “Kate Plus 8,” could be canceled because of low ratings, and outside of “Dancing With the Stars,” Kate has been unable to land anything else.

The show has yet to match the ratings numbers when ex-husband Jon Gosselin was part of the show, and they were portrayed as a happy couple.

And, they are far are below the heady numbers posted during their divorce, when the show became an overnight sensation.

In fact, “Kate Plus 8” has plunged more than 50 percent in the ratings since it premiered in June, according to the latest Nielson figures.

“Kate Plus 8″ premiered with 3.4 million viewers in June, and has been trending downward every since.

In contrast, “Jon & Kate Plus 8” had 10 million viewers during the couple’s tumultuous divorce.

“Kate Plus 8” currently isn’t airing and is not listed on TLC’s schedule through October.

Officially, TLC says “Kate Plus 8” is on hiatus while the kids are in school and will return in November. (Ah, so now we know who the real stars are).

But Kate, perhaps seeing the handwriting on the wall, reportedly went house shopping in Los Angeles in the spring when she was appearing on “Dancing With The Stars.”

She says she now wants to be an actress. But at 35 she is may be over the hill, at least by Hollywood standards.

Kate, who is now a single mother with eight children, is currently involved in two shows with the network.

Beside “Kate Plus Eight,” which tracks the daily travails of her sextuplets and twins, she stars in “Twist of Kate,” a spin-off that forces Kate to travel around the country — away from her kids — to interact with families.

Work permits that allow TLC to fillm the kids will expire at the end of the year, and Kate will have to go through another brutal round of questioning about child labor laws.

State Rep. Tom Murt, spurred by the Gosselin kids, has proposed legislation to add new restrictions to child labor laws when children are involved in television programming.

“Twist of Kate,” her new show has, yet to debut.

Kate set off tabloid alarm bells, recently, when she was spotted around her hometown with dark circles under her eyes and a strained look on her face.

She headed into a local dry cleaners lugging an enormous basket of clothes, clutching her purse, keys and other items. Not a pretty picture.

To save her show, Kate desperately needs a love interest to spice things up.

Her ever present bodyguard, and rumored lover Steve Neild is married. The two ignited a tabloid storm when they were spotted together in Mexico, where Kate was on a photo shoot — without the kids.

Or how about a sex tape a la Kim Kardashian, or a turn in Playboy , um, like Kim Kardashian?

With eight kids, however, who will have her, or even worse, how could she?

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