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Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Personality Differences, Work Drove Them Apart

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris seemed like the perfect couple in this photo posted on Taylor's Instagram account. But love proved to be as fleeting as the summer (Photo: TaylorSwift/Instagram)

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris seemed like the perfect couple in this photo posted on Taylor’s Instagram account. But love proved to be as fleeting as the summer (Photo: TaylorSwift/Instagram)

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris looked like the perfect couple in stunning photographs that documented their 15-month relationship. But ultimately personality differences caused the fire to go out, according to a source.

The differences weren’t monumental or marked by clashes. To the contrary, both Swift and Harris had more than compatible temperaments.

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“The best way to describe it is they just had a different outlook, or approach to life,” said the source, who asked to remain anonymous.

Despite her sophisticated style and trendy friends, Swift is still a country girl at heart with a giggly personality to the point that she can be a little overbearing and sickly sweet at times.

Harris, real name Adam Richard Wiles, is more existential. He’s moodier, far more contemplative and maybe a little cynical.

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He’s got a typical Scottish outlook on life. He tends to be more reserved, which some might consider stand-offish. But he’s also polite and modest.

In contrast, Swift is an extrovert. She puts it all out there and is overly expressive, with a very positive, can-do attitude that can be off-putting at times to someone who is more reserved.

“Calvin’s color is black; Taylor’s is sky blue. You get the difference?” the source said.

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Some reports claimed that Harris was intimidated by Swift’s success. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, he was drawn to her because of it, and by her work ethic.

“She has a lot of self-confidence, because she is self-made,” said our source. “That initially drew them together because he also sees himself as ‘self-made,’ and independent.” Of course they both had an early love of music.

Harris’s father, David Wiles and mother, Pamela are English, but Harris was raised in Dumfries, a medieval city in southern Scotland with a population of around 50,000. The Scots are known for an ethic that emphasizes hard work and thrift. Harris’s personality reflects that.

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Both come from professional backgrounds; Swift’s father is a banker, Harris’s is a biochemist and neither mother worked.

Swift’s upbringing, however, was more conservative and more privileged. She was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, spent part of her life living on a farm and went to a private school early on run by Franciscan nuns.

She also summered every year at her parents oceanfront home in exclusive Stone Harbor, NJ, a place, she said in a 2012 Vogue interview, “where most of my childhood memories were formed.”

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So while there were a lot of things that drew them together, the traits that lead to an enduring relationship really weren’t there in the end, said the source. “So, no surprise, they drifted apart.”

Like many celebrity couples, Harris and Swift were also torn by long periods apart as both pursued their own professional interests.

When both are so committed to their work, it’s not hard to see how a relationship can wane on its own without any real catalyst to drive them apart.

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The couple hit a rough spot last October when Harris was photographed leaving Top Thai Massage on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. The place was listed as a secret spot for happy endings on one Web site, but heated denials followed.

Not surprisingly, both still speak highly of each other and harbor no outward animosities. Tabloid speculation about who dumped whom is just that–wild speculation aimed at grabbing headlines and page views.

This is one relationship where the split was truly mutual. “Taylor and Calvin had great affection for each other, but was it true love? Probably not,” said the source.

“After 15 months, the relationship really had no place else to go.”

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