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Iggy Azalea Butt Plastic Surgery: Claps Back When Asked If Butt Is Real

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iggy azalea plastic surgery butt implants

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea fueled rumors she got butt implant plastic surgery after showcasing her curvy bikini body on Instagram.

Iggy Azalea laughed off speculation she got butt implant plastic surgery after flaunting her voluptuous bikini body on Instagram.

When asked by a fan on the MTV show “Wild ‘n Out” if her butt was real, Azalea told the guy he doesn’t have to worry about that because she’s totally out of his league anyway and would never get the chance to find out (see video).

“I just want to say I think you’re real beautiful,” said the young man. “And myself, my cast mates, and every dude in here would really like to know how much of that booty is really real.”

The Australian rapper clapped back: “Y’all don’t need to be worrying about booty that’s above your weight class.”

Azalea has admitted getting breast implants and plastic surgery on her nose.

Iggy said got breast implants in 2014 because she was tired of padding her costumes to look more proportioned.

“It’s about proportion,” Azalea told Vogue. “I have to have everything tailored because I have such a small waist. I’m a size 2 or 0 on the top, and a 6 on the bottom.”

Iggy celebrated her curves in a collaboration with Jennifer Lopez on the hit track Booty from JLo’s eighth studio album, A.K.A.

While Iggy is now hailed for her hourglass figure, she was fat-shamed and told to lose weight when she tried her hand at modeling. Agents also urged Azalea to get a nose job.

booty iggy azalea jennifer lopez

Iggy Azalea collaborated with Jennifer Lopez on the hit single, “Booty.” (Instagram)

After getting breast implants, Iggy initially wanted to keep her plastic surgery a secret because she didn’t want to unduly influence her young female fans, but then decided to go public because it’s not in her nature to be secretive.

“I decided I wasn’t into secret-keeping,” said Azalea, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

Azalea has also been accused of getting a chin job to make her chin smaller, but she never addressed those rumors.

In February 2015, Iggy briefly quit Twitter after being bullied over her butt cellulite in bikini photos, Celebrity Health Fitness reported. But bullying is nothing new to Azalea.

iggy azalea plastic surgery breast implants butt

Iggy Azalea admits getting plastic surgery on her nose and breasts, but has never addressed the butt implant rumors. (Getty Images)

Talk show host Wendy Williams recently accused her of getting butt implants.

“Ray Charles could see that your cakes are fake! Are you serious?” Williams said on the “Wendy Williams Show.”

Williams added: “Can you see that this is a fake butt? Do you see the before picture? So who is she fooling?”

Wendy, who herself has breast implants, theorized that Azalea got butt implants to acquire “street cred” among the African-American community because she’s a rapper.

But Williams said Azalea isn’t fooling anyone because her butt is not real.

“Iggy’s a rapper and rap is more a black-people sport than a white-people sport,” said Wendy. “I’m thinking that in order for her to be ingratiated amongst the rap community, having a big giant booty is impressive so black people could say ‘She’s like one of us.’ Except she’s not.”

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