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Was Malia Obama One Toke Over the Line at Lollapalooza Fest? (see!)

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Malia Obama appears to hit one up at the Lollapolooza Music Festvial. The video is rapdily going viral. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Malia Obama appears to hit one up at the Lollapolooza Music Festvial. The video is rapdily going viral. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Malia Obama may have gotten high at the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago. She was caught on video openly toking on what looked like a marijuana cigarette. She was apparently unaware she was being filmed or just didn’t care.

The presidential first daughter, 18, just graduated from high school and is taking a year off before starting classes at Harvard University.

The short nine second video surfaced this morning on gossip site radaronline. It seems to clearly show her with what looks like a joint in her mouth.

The gossip site also quotes an anonymous “source” who swears Malia was smoking pot. But the site has a sketchy reputation for veracity. Still there is no denying what the video shows.

Another festival goer is actually the subject of the video. Malia is standing behind her. The camera pans slightly to the fight just at the moment Malia puts what looks like a cigarette to her mouth.

But the video does not show smoke or her taking a drag. A cigarette filter is clearly visible in the shot.

But marijuana users often dump out tobacco and fill the empty cigarette tube with pot, especially for smoking in public.

Marijuana use has been decriminalized in Chicago’s homestate of Illinois, but users can still be fined if they’re caught smoking it.

Beyond that, the video raises questions about Malia as a role model. Drug use is typically rampant in poor, ethnic communities. As the president’s daughter, her behavior is closely watched by others, especially younger teens.

What’s more, Malia is known to have had asthma when she was a four years old. While it’s under control, asthma never goes away and can recur at any time. Smoking exacerbates the condition.

On the other hand, Malia is of legal age. Her behavior is probably no different than countless young adults her age, who are on their way to college.

President Obama’s and First Lady Michelle Obama’s reaction to the video is unknown at the moment.

Check out the video below.

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