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Real OC Housewives Now as Skanky as New Jersey Wives

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Real OC Housewives Now as Skanky as New Jersey Wives 1“The Real Housewives of Orange County,” usually one of the classier in Bravo’s reality housewife stable, looked more like down and dirty New Jersey, when series stars Tamra Barney and Jeana Keogh reportedly started brawling during a wrap party.

The physical exchange included a lot of pushing, swearing and throwing wine, according to gossip Web site RadarOnline.

Tamra, 42, was apparently upset that Jeana discussed her life in interviews, including her relationship with her estranged husband Simon.

Tamra claimed that Jeana’s remarks were “wildly inaccurate” and tried to hand the OC rival a melodramatic cease and desist letter written by her lawyer.

Jeana, 53, was having none of that.

“It was crazy. It looked more like an out-of-control bar scene than a party,” Radar reported quoting a source.

Jeana, who has also split from her baseball player husband Matt, refuse to accept the letter.

That’s when things got nasty.

“You’re’ a b**** and I’m gonna throw you’re a** in the pool,’” Jeana reportedly said.

With that, Jeana pushing Tamra, who threw a glass of wine in Jeana’s face in retaliation.

The party was filmed, but whether all or some of the fight seen makes it onto television remains to be seen.

“If the cameras caught half of what happened Saturday night it’s going to be the craziest episode of Real Housewives anyone has ever seen,” the eyewitness added.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is the original in the series, which now includes shows in New York, Atlanta, New Jersey and Washington, DC.

The Orange County wives have generally been the most genteel, but after last night’s show, Jeana and Tamra are ready to move to New Jersey, where the Garden State’s scrappy housewives routinely get physical.

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