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Blac Chyna Talks Rob Kardashian Weight Loss, Wedding, Reality Show

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blac chyna talks rob kardashian weight loss tv show pregnancy

Blac Chyna can’t wait to marry Rob Kardashian after she gives birth to their first child. Their TV show, “Rob & Chyna,” premieres Sept. 11. (Instagram)

Blac Chyna, who’s engaged to marry Rob Kardashian, says her energy and drive fueled Rob’s dramatic weight loss.

Chyna, who’s pregnant with Rob’s first baby, began dating Kardashian in early 2016. At the time, Rob was 100 pounds overweight and a clinically depressed recluse who never left the house.

Several months after meeting Chyna, Rob lost 60 pounds, began going out in public again, got engaged, is expecting a baby, and will star on his own reality TV show, “Rob & Chyna.”

“When I linked up with Rob, he was at a point where nobody could really help him,” Chyna told Elle. “But I’m the type of person that likes to motivate my friends and help them figure out how they can do better. That’s how we really started off.”

By July 2016, Rob had lost 50 pounds and looked happier than he had in years.

He has since regained 20 pounds, but is still healthier than he has been in years. The 6-foot-1 Rob, who one weighed 300 pounds, said he now weighs 285 pounds, Celebrity Health Fitness reported.

Kardashian’s weight loss secrets were cardio exercise and a low-carb diet that excludes fast food, as TheImproper has reported.

Low carb, high-fat diets like the Atkins and ketogenic diets promote rapid weight loss by inducing the body to burn fat for fuel, said obesity expert Dr. Mark Hyman, author of Eat Get, Get Thin.


Blac Chyna’s inspiration fueled Rob Kardashian’s jaw-dropping weight loss. (Instagram)

While Chyna’s positive influence was obvious in Rob’s shocking weight loss transformation, he also changed emotionally thanks to her.

“Rob is going through his depression, but I feel like if he has the support from his fans and people from the outside, it will help,” said the former stripper. “It helps to have people around to give you that confidence.”

Chyna said the secret to motivating Rob isn’t to be an overbearing nag, but to quietly build up his self-esteem. “I let him be himself and relax,” she said. “I’m not a therapist.

“Sometimes it’s just best to let people talk about it and get it off their chest. That’s how I’ve been carrying the situation with me and Rob, and so far it’s worked out.”

blac chyna pregant nude baby bump

Blac Chyna previously dated rapper Tyga, with whom she has a son. Tyga is now dating Rob Kardashian’s sister, Kylie Jenner. (Paper/Instagram)

Chyna and Rob are excited about their new baby, their upcoming wedding, and their new reality TV show, which premieres on Sept. 11.

“Doing a show allows us to get our side of the story out to the world,” said Chyna, who has a son from a previous relationship with rapper Tyga, who’s now dating Rob’s sister Kylie Jenner.

“I wanted to show people my personality, that I’m not just a pretty face or what some people paint me out to be: this bad person, this stripper ho. I want them to see me as a mom, a businesswoman.”


Blac Chyna was Kim Kardashian’s friend before she began dating Rob. Chyna and Kim are no longer as close since she got engaged to Rob. (Instagram)

While some men are intimidated by strong women, Chyna says Rob respects her entrepreneurial drive.

“He likes my work ethic, how I’m a hustler,” she said. “I don’t care if it’s one dollar or a thousand dollars, I’m going to go out and get it.”

Blac Chyna and Rob plan to marry later this year after she gives birth, and hopes to chronicle the wedding on their E! show, “Rob & Chyna.”

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