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Donald Trump Lets Slip His Real Feelings About African-Americans

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Donald Trump posed with his 'war room staff' in New York City. The all-white staff reveals more than anything his true feelings about African-Americans. (Photo: Twitter)

Donald Trump posed with his ‘war room staff’ in New York City. The all-white staff reveals more than anything his true feelings about African-Americans. (Photo: Twitter)

Donald Trump has been trying mightily to win African-American support for his presidential campaign with promises to create jobs for black Americans. But a revealing photo shows just how much he really cares about employing minorities of any ethnicity.

Trump has especially emphasized the economy and jobs in his outreach.

He appeared before a largely African-American audience at an African-American church in Detroit this weekend. It was his first such meeting as a presidential candidate.

His message focused on fixing economic hardship in the black community. His appearance at the Great Faith Ministries, a nondenominational church is his effort to break a typically sizable Democratic voting bloc, according to CNN.

The message was reportedly warmly received, except for one problem. Trump has been known to tailor his message to specific audiences that don’t reveal his true feelings.

Despite the outreach for example, he’s been slow to speak out against white supremacists and tacitly, if not directly, supported their views as well.

If Donald Trump was sincere about creating opportunities, then the first place he would show his support would be the people he’s surrounding himself with to help run his campaign.

So, check out the photo below. It was Tweeted, Sept. 1, by Kellyanne Conaway, Trump’s campaign manager, strategist and pollster. You would at least think she would know better.


The photo shows Trump visting his “campaign war room,” in New York City, one of the most diverse cities in the world filled with top-notch African-American professionals.

But of the 21 people in the photo, not one is African-American or even a member of another minority group. These are the people Trump is trusting to run his campaign. They are his inner circle. They are all white.

So doesn’t it seem odd that he would build his outreach to the African American community around a promise to create jobs. Yet, for the jobs he did create on his own campaign staff, not one position went to a minority?

Everyone in the photo, including Trump is giving the thumb’s up sign, while Conaway Tweets “First-class team!”

This is how Trump really feels about African-Americans. Second class.

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