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Blac Chyna Posts Sonogram of Baby Girl, Looks Forward To Wedding

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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, who are having a baby girl, debuted their reality TV show, which will chronicle their romance, wedding and childbirth. (Instagram)

Blac Chyna posted the first sonogram of her baby girl after she and fiance Rob Kardashian learned their child’s sex on the premiere of their reality TV show, “Rob & Chyna.”

Chyna and Rob are super-excited to welcome a girl. Blac Chyna has a son with rapper Tyga, who’s now dating Rob’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner.

“We having a girl‼️‼️????????? can’t wait to see her,” Rob wrote on Instagram.

Chyna then posted the first sonogram of their baby on Instagram (see photo), contradicting rumors she’s pregnant with twins.

Rob has undergone a dramatic transformation since hooking up with Blac Chyna in January 2016.

Several months after he began dating Chyna, the once-reclusive Rob started going out again, lost 60 pounds, got engaged, is expecting a baby, and stars on his own reality TV show, “Rob & Chyna.”

Kardashian has since regained some of the weight, but is still fitter and healthier than he has been in years.

@robkardashian and I can’t wait to meet our baby girl ?

A photo posted by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

Rob credited Blac Chyna’s positive influence for his weight loss and improved outlook on life, as TheImproper has reported.

“When I linked up with Rob, he was at a point where nobody could really help him,” said Chyna. “But I’m the type of person that likes to motivate my friends and help them figure out how they can do better.”

Rob, who has admitted struggling with severe depression, became a recluse and gained 100 pounds in 2013 due to his extreme unhappiness with many aspects of his life.


Blac Chyna’s inspiration and motivation fueled Rob Kardashian’s jaw-dropping weight loss. (Instagram)

Now happier than he has been in years, Kardashian looks forward to a bright future with his new baby and future wife.

“Me wanting to have a boy, it definitely stems from my dad,” Rob said in a confessional during “Rob and Chyna.

“I’m just happy that the baby’s healthy, and I’m gonna be super-happy with a girl.”

Blac Chyna and Rob plan to marry later this year after she gives birth, and will chronicle their wedding on their TV show.

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