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Donald Trump Immigrant Ban Takes Super Bowl Hit… From Sponsors (see!)

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Donald Trump Immigrant Ban Takes Super Bowl Hit... From Sponsors (see!) 1

A scene from Lumber 84’s Super Bowl commercial shows a free-swinging door in Donald Trump’s Mexican wall. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump was schooled about the fallacy of his immigration ban during the Super Bowl–not by radical resister Lady Gaga–but by major sponsors who aired pro-immigration advertisements, including one censored by Fox over its content.

So what did the controversial ad, sponsored by Lumber 84, show that made it too inappropriate for the conservative network to air during the big game?

The 5:44 spot is a tearjerker. It shows a Mexican woman and her pre-teen daughter making the arduous trek from their village to the U.S. border.

Once there, the encounter Trump’s notorious–although still unbuilt–wall.

Just when all hope seems lost, they find a free-swinging door built by a square-jawed rancher type and co-workers who used their own tools and lumber (get it) to build a gateway to America.

The ad ends with the statement: “The will to succeed is always welcome here.”

“I still can’t even understand why it was censored,” Maggie Hardy Magerko, 84 Lumber’s president and owner, told The New York Times.

“In fact, I’m flabbergasted by that in today’s day and age. It’s not pornographic, it’s not immoral, it’s not racist,” she added.

There was no way to get around the anti-Trump message.

Rob Shapiro, who works for the ad agency put together the spot, told The Washington Post:

“Ignoring the border wall and the conversation around immigration that’s taking place in the media and at every kitchen table in America just didn’t seem right. If everyone else is trying to avoid controversy, isn’t that the time when brands should take a stand for what they believe in?”

The full ad, entitled “The Journey Begins,” was initially posted on Lumber 84’s Web site. Super Bowl viewers were urged to see the full video there.

The company’s site, however, crashed. The video was moved to YouTube, where it had been viewed almost 4 million times since last night.

“Our message is that America is the land of opportunity and 84 Lumber is the company of opportunity,” Shapiro said.

Ironically, Magerko said she voted for Trump, but hoped the $15 million ad would appeal to young 20-somethings who “believe in American dreams.”

She added that the company, which is expanding nationwide from its base in Pennsylvania, is being hampered by a labor shortage.

Lumber 84 wasn’t alone in its messaging. AB InBev, owner of Budweiser beer, Uber and Intel companies ran ads with similar themes.

The AB InBev ad, which IM reported on last week, showed the travails faced by company founder Adolphus Busch. He immigrated from Germany in the 19th century. One scene showed him being verbally abused and told to go home.

So far, the ad is the most-view of Super Bowl commercials. (See it Here!)

Check out the video below.

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