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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Kiss! (12 Photos, 6 videos)

1Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kiss as they walk down a nighttime street in Rio de Janeiro, seemingly unnoticed. But all eyes were on the Twilight couple as they filmed scenes for “Breaking Dawn.”

Rob and Kristen are in Brazil to shoot critical scenes from Bella and Edward’s honeymoon. The script calls for them to kiss and nuzzle in the street, a sort of calm before the storm.

Rob and Kristen also took off from a helipad at the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas airport in Rio, on Monday, Nov. 8., to shoot scenes in Paraty, Costa Verde River. They left the Hotel Copacabana Palace in separate cars, accompanied by four military police escorts.
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The sprawling mansion in Paraty has six bedrooms, expansive decks and balconies with panoramic views of the ocean and with more than 300 yards of private beachfront.

It’s only accessable by boat or helicopter, which should help preserve their privacy while filming takes place.

The rooms typically rent for $12,000 for three days, and $15,000 for ten days.

Rob and Kristen have caused a sensation in Brazil where the Twilight series is wildly popular. Their moves have been closely followed by the local media and fans.

The biggest stir came while Rob and Kristen strolled through a crowd of extras.

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