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Stella Maxwell, Kristen Stewart Hot, Heavy on Working Vacation in France


Stella Maxwell posted a revealing photo on Instagram from her trip to France with Kristen Stewart. She wore a see-through top that exposed her breast (Click here to see the uncensored photo)

Stella Maxwell and lover Kristen Stewart made no effort to conceal their deep affection and sexual attraction on a working vacation in France. The Victoria’s Secret model tagged along with Kristen on a photo shoot.

Kristen and Stella arrived in Paris together early yesterday (June 22).

Stella posted a racy photo on social media from the trip. The 27-year-old model was wearing a see-through mesh top without a bra, likely titillating Kristen (no pun intended, well maybe)

She captioned the photo: “Morning, good.”

It was too risque for this site, but you can see an uncensored version here.

The photo shoot for Chanel took place at Abbey of Aubazine, also known as Obazine Abbey in the town of Limousin.

The abbey was founded in 1134 by Saint Stephen of Obazine.

In an odd bit of history, the Gothic structure was seized by French revolutionaries in 1791 and used as a bordello for more than a decade. Today, it serves as the town’s church.


That’s an odd place for Kristen and Stella to be running around virtually topless, but in France, c’est la vie.

Paparazzi caught Kristen wearing a leather coat with no bra, flashing her cleavage and barely concealing her nipples.

Stella was photographed holding Kristen in her arms. They caressed each other and kissed deeply and passionately, according to London’s Daily Mail, which published the exclusive photos.

Stewart and Maxwell were reported to have moved in together last month in Kristen’s Los Feliz mansion. But the report, by low-flying gossip site HollywoodLife, has been widely discounted.

Maxwell still maintains an apartment in New York City.

Check out Stella’s hot photos below. Click here to see the uncensored image.

Stella Maxwell at Her Sexiest for VS (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
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