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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Kick Back, Swim in Brazil (photos)

1“Twilight’s” Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart wrapped up five days of shooting in Brazil, including their much anticipated honeymoon scenes, with a little bit of rest and relaxation, including a swim at Bag Mamanguá in Paraty-Mirim.

On Friday (Nov. 12) Pattinson and Stewart filmed the long awaited kiss between Edward and Bella a key scene in “Twilight,” “Breaking Dawn.”

The scene took place in the beach bag Mamanguá in Paraty, Costa Verde Rio.

Some of the filming took place at a waterfall in Paraty, then the actors and crew headed for Bag Mamanguá in Paraty-Mirim.
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That’s where the mansion is located that serves as a backdrop for the movie, the fourth installment in the Twilight series.

After kicking back for the day, Rob and crew are heading back to the United States for more filming in Louisiana. Reportedly, they will touch base in Los Angeles before heading to the Gulf of Mexico.

For there, they will return to Vancouver, Canada, where all of the Twilight films have been shot, for continued filming.

The couple’s Brazil frolic was photographed by an intrepid photographer, who tracked down the couple, reportedly avoiding search dogs and 60 armed soldiers.

Rob wore red boxer shorts, while Kristen donned a tiny white bikini. Pattinson was snapped jumping into the lake and Stewart swam with him.

The trip to Brazil was closely followed and provided a rare glimpse of the Twilight couple in action during filming of the movie.

Check out their latest photos: click to enlarge:


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