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Emily Blunt, a Hollywood Standout, Is Long Overdue for an Oscar (Video)

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Emily Blunt, a Hollywood Standout, Is Long Overdue for an Oscar (Video) 1

Emily Blunt is ready to turn on the magic again in another Mary Poppins movie. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Emily Blunt is blunt about Hollywood. The British actress wouldn’t recommend movie-making as a career to any budding actress. Does this explain why she’s never even been nominated for an Oscar?

Few actresses of her generation have demonstrated her strength, range and sexuality on screen.

Yet, her discomfort with Hollywood’s sharper edges, and her willingness to speak out about it, may be short-circuiting the industry accolades she deserves.

“It’s a very precarious industry that can often be quite crushing, so any advice I have for anyone going into it is to do something else,” she advises in a new Vanity Fair interview.

Blunt, the magazine notes, has negotiated filmdom’s byzantine corridors to land such parts as an enigmatic schoolgirl in “My Summer of Love”; an acerbic fashion assistant in “The Devil Wears Prada”; an ass-kicking warrior in “Edge of Tomorrow”; a singing baker’s wife in “Into the Woods” and a blackout drunk who witnesses a murder “The Girl on the Train.”

“Girl on a Train,” in particular, was a stunning performance. She single-handedly carried the mystery thriller through a sometimes sluggish plot.

The film received a middling 43 rating on rottentomatoes, which tracks critical reviews. But it managed to gross $175 worldwide, against a $45 million budget.

Blunt was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role by the British Academy Film Awards, but the picture was snubbed by the Academy.

Blunt surprised everyone, including husband John Krasinski–and showed she has a voice–by tackling a singing role in the musical movie “Into the Woods.”

And, she’s not afraid to take risks with her career.

In her next big role, she’s signed on to play Mary Poppins in a remake of the 1964 Disney classic, a role immortalized by actress Julie Andrews.

Blunt tells the magazine she had a brief moment of cold-sweat dread about succeeding “an iconic person playing an iconic character.”

“No one can out-Julie Julie Andrews, so I had to do something that felt organic and representative of what I had taken from the books,” she says.

The movie will hit theaters next Christmas.

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Emily Blunt, a Hollywood Standout, Is Long Overdue for an Oscar (Video) 2

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