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Charlotte McKinney Haunted by Burger Ad That Made Her (Boobs) Famous

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Charlotte McKinney was featured in a Carl Jr burger ad, wearing a tiny bikini, but sex isn't selling, accord to a new study. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Charlotte McKinney was featured in a Carl Jr burger ad, wearing a tiny bikini, but sex isn’t selling, accord to a new study. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Charlotte McKinney, who burst (literally) into national consciousness in a 2015 Super Bowl commercial, has no regrets about hawking calorie laden burgers, using her ample assets. Well, maybe one. She wishes the ad would go away.

You may recall, McKinney appeared seemingly naked, walking through a vegetable market, swinging a Carl’s Jr.’s All Natural Burger.

Despite its label, the sandwich weighs in at a hefty 760 calories with 44 artery-clogging grams of fat.

Only a few strategically placed fruits and veggies kept her from losing her modesty. But it did the trick–for her, that is.

Girls in skimpy bikinis chowing down on fat Carl’s Jr.’s burgers may have drawn a lot of gawkers on social media, but the commercials didn’t selling more burgers, according to a study.

Nonetheless, Charlotte, now 24, became an overnight sensation, going from Instagram hottie to “model and actress.”

“When you are known for something like that it is all people want to talk about,” she laments in a new interview in Age Age magazine.

“I got an email about doing this interview and I thought, why don’t they just Google search the other interviews I’ve done. For a really long time any interview or questions about me was about that” she adds.

McKinney likes to stress there’s much, much more to her, and she’s not just talking about her ample breasts, the real star of the Carl’s Jr. commercial.

McKinney hasn’t enjoyed the success of another Carl’s Jr. veteran, Kate Upton, but she appeared in the “Baywatch” movie, competed in season 20 of “Dancing With the Stars” and models for fashion brand Guess.

She also has a cameo in 2017 film “Flatliners” (She’s “Girl on Bicycle”) and co-stars in “First We Take Brooklyn.”

The gritty crime drama is directed, co-written and starring Danny A Abeckaser along with Harvey Keitel and AnnaLynne McCord.

According to the magazine, the commercial drew more than it’s fair share of criticism for being sexist and offensive. Imagine if it aired during this year’s game?

Try as she might, McKinney says the ad “will always be there and that is part of my life and my career.”

“I am not just that girl in that commercial you saw that one time….I am more than that commercial,” she insists.

“It’s been four years since that commercial, I love that it is still being talked about, but it is something I don’t want just to be known for. I want people to know me for my modeling and getting into acting,” she adds.

Despite the current climate fostered by the “#MeToo” and “Time’s Up” movements, McKinney says Instagram is still filled with half-naked women trying to break into modeling or show business.

“I think we are at a point in world right now, if you are comfortable in your body and you are happy with it – I say go for it. It is powerful.

If I can be a voice for feeling comfortable in your own skin, it can be a form of empowerment. It needs to be done tastefully and you don’t want to overdo it, but it is important for all girls to feel comfortable in their own skin; it can be a voice to something,” she says.

Check out the ad below and zip over to Ad Age for the full interview.

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