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Rose McGowan Bucks Cocaine Charges, Citing Harvey Weinstein Vendetta

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Rose McGowan Bucks Cocaine Charges, Citing Harvey Weinstein Vendetta 1

Rose McGowan wants a drug charge thrown out because she’s one of Harvey Weinstein’s victims. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Rose McGowan says her cocaine bust last November has Harvey Weinstein’s fingerprints all over it. A lawyer for the actress is advancing that argument in court papers that seek to have the drug possession charge should be thrown out.

Lawyer Jessica Carmichael said five hours passed between the time McGowan got off a United Airlines flight at Dulles International Airport suburban Washington, D.C., and a cleaning crew found the cocaine in a wallet she left behind on the Jan. 2017 flight.

“There is simply no point in time at which the evidence places Ms. McGowan and the cocaine together in the same place,” she asserted.

From there Carmichael weaves a murky conspiracy theory involving the disgraced movie mogul, alleging that McGowan was the victim of “underhanded targeting… by the fallen mogul.”

“It is now public knowledge that Weinstein employed underhanded tactics to ‘silence’ his victims,” she said, including hiring private investigators to follow women who had accused him of misconduct.

McGowan says Weinstein sexually assaulted her in 1997 after he lured her to his hotel room. She has been outspoken about him ever since a New York Times article detailed last fall detailing Weinstein’s sexual misconduct over the course of his career.

McGowan was served with a felony warrant for her arrest last November. At the time, she raised questions about the charge and said she believed Weinstein was behind it.

“Are they trying to silence me? There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia. What a load of HORSES**T,” she Tweeted.

The motion also asks the court to dismiss the charge, claiming the matter should be heard in federal, not state court, because the alleged offense took place on a plane involved in interstate commerce.

McGowan is due in court for a preliminary hearing next month.

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