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Miley Cyrus Says Happy Easter in the Best Way… With Sass, Sensuality (15 Photos!)

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Miley Cyrus Easter Instagram

Miley Cyrus is all about Easter. She salutes the holiday with sass and sensuality. (Photo: MIley Cyrus/Instagram)

Miley Cyrus took a stroll down memory lane back to her Bangerz days to pose for a series of sassy, sensual and dare we say, risque photos to celebrate Easter in the best way she knows how.

Miley, 25, went on a three-year bender as pop’s baddest bad girl, shedding her clothes and flaunting her sexuality on tour and in photos. Then, last year, she moved on.

Miley said she’d given up marijuana, alcohol and nipple pasties. Instead, she went with a more serious sound that takes her back to her roots. She wanted to be “super clear and sharp” so she could focus on a new collection of songs reflective of her country music roots, she told Billboard.

Her fans ruefully went along, but she never really put her sassy side on the shelf. It emerges every so often and this is one of those occasions.

Cyrus posted the photos on her Instagram page as a shout-out to her fans. And maybe just to let us know that she’s still got a little of the bad-girl rebelliousness inside.

Check out her photos, let us know your thoughts and Happy Easter! Send us an Egg and follow IM on Twitter.

Miley Cyrus Sassy, Sexy for Easter (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
Miley Cyrus Easter Bunny Thumb 06Miley Cyrus Easter Bunny 05Miley Cyrus Easter Bunny 04Miley Cyrus Easter Bunny 03Miley Cyrus Easter Bunny 02Miley Cyrus Easter bunny Thumb 01Milley Cyrus Easter Bunny Thumb 12Milley Cyrus Easter Bunny Thumb 11Milley Cyrus Easter Bunny Thumb 10Milley Cyrus Easter Bunny Thumb 09Milley Cyrus Easter Bunny Thumb 08Milley Cyrus Easter Bunny Thumb 07Miley Cyrus Easter Bunny Tnumb 15Miley Cyrus Easter Bunny Tnumb 14Miley Cyrus Easter Bunny Tnumb 13

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