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Isabeli Fontana Sexy Beach Romp Ushers in Summer For Elle Spain (Photos!)

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Isabeli Fontana Elle Spain

Stunning Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana shows what awaits on the hottest beaches this summer. (Photo by Xavi Gordo for Elle Spain)

Isabeli Fontana launched her career as a swimsuit and lingerie model. One of her first gigs as a 16-year-old was with Victoria’s Secret. Her appearance raised eyebrows because of her age, but it set her on a path to supermodel stardom.

Soon after the Victoria’s Secret shoot, she was signed by Versace, Ralph Lauren and Valentino. And no wonder. She has dark exotic looks with sky-blue eyes and stands a model perfect 5-feet, 10-inches tall.

In 2008, Fontana made her debut as one of Forbes magazine’s top “15 Top-Earning Models.” She place 11th, with an estimated income of $3 million

She’s been a fixture on the fashion scene ever since. Now 34, Isabeli hasn’t lost her edge.

In her latest shoot, she poses for photographer Xavi Gordo for the May issue of Elle Spain. Inmaculada Jiménez handled styling with hair and makeup by Alba Navas.

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Isabeli Fontana Sexy in Swimwear
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