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Miley Cyrus Hot, Sexual, Legal! She's 18 Now! (hot video)

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Miley Cyrus Hot, Sexual, Legal! She's 18 Now! (hot video) 1Miley Cyrus’s provocative semi-nude photos in Vanity Fair magazine seem like only yesterday. She was 15 then. She’s 18 now and celebrating her birthday today (Nov. 23). Young Miley is legally considered an adult in most ways. There’s no telling how far she’ll go now.

Miley kicked off her birthday celebration in style, necking in public with rumored new boyfriend Avan Jogia, 18, at the trendy Hollywood club Trousdale, at 2 am, following the American Music Awards.

The Canadian actor has appeared in a series of Nickelodeon shows and is in the process of launching his big screen career.

Miley is determined to be unbound. She was wearing a pair of skin-tight black leather trousers, black high heeled boots and a cropped black leather bra top, according to reports.

She stayed at the club until around 3 am.

Miley is on the rebound from ex-boyfriend and Liam Hemsworth, the Australian actor who co-starred with her in her movie, “The Last Song.” They were together for about a year.

Since the end of her Disney run as “Hannah Montana,’ Miley has been ramping up her sexuality as she begins the crossover to adult stardom.

She vamped it up at the MTV European Music Video Awards in a daring dress and on a recent European tour, she kissed her girl backup singers and a male dancer groped her breast during a dance number.

Her new video for her song, “Who Owns My Heart,” pushed the envelope on sexuality even more.

Cyrus bumps and grinds on her bed while primping for a night of clubbing.

Once she arrives at the club, the teen singer fondles her breast and gropes older men on the dance floor.

About the only thing holding Miley back before was her age. As a minor, she could only go so far. Now that she’s 18, there’s no telling how far she’ll go.

Check out the hot video, a reprise of all her raciest moments. Oh… and happy birthday Miley!

Miley Cyrus Hot, Sexual, Legal! She's 18 Now! (hot video) 2

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