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Lindsay Lohan Looking for Redemption, Still Haunted by Her ‘Bad Girl’ Past

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan believes she’s gotten her life back, now she wants her reputation back. (Photo: BangShowBiz)

Lindsay Lohan believes she’s gotten her life back, now she wants to get her reputation back. For five years, she was Hollywood’s enfant terrible, in and out of trouble with the law, while bouncing from one bad relationship to another, played out in excruciating detail in the tabloids.

Lindsay Lohan Looking for Redemption, Still Haunted by Her 'Bad Girl' Past 1

Lindsay Lohan covers this month’s Emirates Woman magazine. (Photo: Emirates Woman)

Needless to say, her promising acting career was ruined. She finally got an offer to appear in a play in London’s West End, and chose to live there. She was out of sight and, therefore, out of mind.

The 31-year-old actress in now living in Dubai, but acknowledges in a new interview that her “party girl” past has still left a taint on her image.

These days, though, she says people who portray her as a wild clubber are “stuck in the past.”

“What does that even mean? I get so uncomfortable with that word, ‘party.’ People are still stuck in the past, of the stories I had in L.A., and I hate it. It was all lies,” she tells Emirates Woman magazine.

Well, not exactly.

Lohan’s troubles began when she was arrested for drunk driving in 2007. It marked the beginning of repeated run-ins with the courts and the law because she of her inability to stick to her probation.

She was a fixture on the club scene and was best known for chain-smoking, drunkenness and hysterics, all played out in front of the paparazzi. She had a ruinous relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson, which ended badly… and very publicly.

In 2007, Lohan allegedly lifted Louis Vuitton samples during an Elle magazine photo shoot, according to The New York Post. In 2010, she was accused of taking a fellow party-goer’s fur, which she was photographed wearing.

Meanwhile, her acting career tanked because largely because of her on-set antics, habitually showing up late, and not knowing her lines.

Like most celebrities, the tabloids also freely made up stories about her.

“I thought, ‘What’s the one thing that people have most misconstrued about me?’ It was probably about me always going to clubs, so I was just like, ‘Well, I’ll make my own.’ And now I never go to clubs!” she said.

She finally got a break in 2014 when she was tapped to appear in a London production of David Mamet’s Speed the Plow, a satirical look at Hollywood. The reviews weren’t great, but it got her away from the paparazzi.

Lindsay said she moved to Dubai for the same reason–to avoid attention from the media and the public.

She explained:

“I moved here for that purpose – I don’t have to be publicly seen all the time or discuss what I’m doing. I get more work done because I don’t have the scrutiny and fixation on what I’m doing every second. I work all the time; my mind never stops.”

Even so, she said she’s still dogged by rumors and false gossip.

“People say things that don’t even happen. They just make things up. Someone emailed me yesterday from America, saying, ‘Oh, I heard you got married in Dubai.’ I was like, ‘News to me, who’s the lucky guy?'”

Lohan is still acting. She has three films on tap for 2018: “The Shadow Within,” “Frame,” a film short, and the television film “Life-Size 2.”

The latter is a sequel to her 2000 fantasy-comedy television film directed by Mark Rosman and co-starring Tyra Banks.

In “The Shadow Within,” Charlotte Beckett plays private investigator who must unravel her uncle’s murder without revealing she’s a descendant from a line of werewolves,” according to the film snyopsis. It’s Lohan’s first feature film since the widely panned Paul Schrader movie “The Canyons.”

“Frame,” is a female-centric film by Abu Dhabi-based filmmaker Nancy Paton. She hopes to be among the first to capitalize on the return of cinema to Saudi Arabia, as well as the liberalization of gender roles in the kingdom, according to the English language Middle East newspaper The National.

“Frame” is scheduled to be filmed in Riyadh this September. Lohan plays Annabelle, a society photographer who accepts a job as a teacher in a women-only Saudi university following a personal crisis, according to a synopsis.

After moving to the kingdom, Annabelle is forced to question her views on women, marriage and feminism and accept that although she may be the teacher, she does not have all the answers.

Check out her photos below from a 2014 shoot and see what you’ve been missing.

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