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Sarah Palin Neglect Spawns New Wild Child Daughter

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Sarah Palin and Willow PalinWhile Sarah Palin preens her political feathers in the national spotlight, the absentee mother’s other teen daughter, Willow, apparently is running wild back home in Alaska.

A new report claims the 16-year-old was spotted buying marijuana and guzzling vodka by classmates.

The report comes a week after Willow made headlines by writing homophobic slurs on her Facebook page, criticizing another teen who made fun of her mom’s reality TV show.

Palin, 46, is currently starring in TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” where she brags about her healthy, wholesome family lifestyle while basking in Alaska’s rugged beauty.

In its second week on the air, the TLC show nosed dived in the ratings. The sharp declined followed a record-setting debut.

Viewership fell 40 percent on Sunday night to 3 million viewers, taking a particular hit among key 18-49 viewers, down 44% from a week ago.

The median age of the show’s viewers is 57 — 15 years older than TLC’s average — and likely diehard conservatives like herself.

Critics claim the show is tantamount to a political commercial.

Between the show and criss-crossing the country for speaking engagements and television appearances, Palin has apparently left the kids at home alone, a little too much.

A former classmate of Willow’s, Lance Nezaticky, claims he saw Willow score a drug deal in a parking lot in Wasilla, last December.

“It was definitely her,” Nezaticky, 18, tells Life & Style magazine. “There’s no question. I had met her before.”

Nezaticky says Willow was riding in the passenger side of a car driven by a male friend who purchased $20 worth (or roughly 2 grams) of marijuana at around 1 a.m. in a deserted Target parking lot.

Meanwhile, another peer, Matt Scott, 19, reveals that on Oct. 25, 2009, he saw an underage Willow guzzle vodka at a house party thrown by a mutual friend.

“I saw her drinking from a bottle of Monarch,” he says. “She was chugging it pretty hard.”

Imran Chaudhry, 19, was also at the party and confirms he also saw Willow (then 15 years old) taking swigs of vodka.

Sarah Palin’s reps haven’t commented on the allegations.

Palin’s other daughter Bristol, became pregnant as an unwed teen while Palin was in elected office.

Palin was governor of Alaska for two years before quitting mid-term, and is considering running for President in 2012.

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