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Donald Trump Deep State? Everyone Who Can Blackmail Him, Says Trevor Noah

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Trevor Noah The Daily Show

Trevor Noah finally unmasks Donald Trump’s Deep State. Watch! (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump has a lot to fear from the so-called ‘Deep State.” But it’s not the FBI, CIA or former government officials that he continually rails about. It’s made up of all the people who’ve got the goods to blackmail him, says Trevor Noah.

“The Daily Show” host took a moment to add up just how many people have incriminating evidence on the president, and it turns out… quite a few.

“All of last week, Trump was like: ‘Russia never could have taped me without me knowing. I’m too smart.’ And now he’s like, ‘Whoops, my own lawyer taped me without me knowing,’” Noah said.

“Like, honestly, at this point it would be weirder if Russia didn’t have blackmail material on Trump. Because everyone seems to have blackmail material on President Trump. Michael Cohen has tapes. ‘Access Hollywood’ has tapes. Howard Stern has tapes. Even Eric has tapes. Yeah, it’s true. His most prized possession is a voicemail his dad left him during a butt dial.”

Noah noted that Trump continues to insist he has nothing to hide. “The good news is your favorite president did nothing wrong!” he wrote on Twitter.

That’s a matter of opinion because Trump got even more bad news. Republicans in Congress finally forced the FBI to release secret documents used to justify the wiretapping of Trump campaign aid Carter Page.

They hoped it would show that the wiretap was obtained based on the infamous “Steele Dossier.” But, boy, were they wrong. The whole thing blew up in their face.

So what does the president do? He creates another problem, threatening war with Iran in a half-baked late-night tweet.

The deep state is real, all right. It’s made up of Trump’s worst nightmares. Check out the video below.

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