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Noah Cyrus Picks Up Where Big Sis Miley Left Off; Poses With Pot, Flashes Bra (See!)

Noah Cyrus is legal in more ways than one. She turned 18 in January when pot became legal in California. (Noah Cyrus/Instagram)

Noah Cyrus is following big sis Miley Cyrus’s playbook. She’s playing the wild child on her latest tour for her debut EP, Good Cry. Ahead of a concert Saturday (Oct. 20) in San Francisco she posted a photo of herself surrounded by pounds of pots. POUNDS!

Ironically, Miley swore off pot last year after she changed her image.

Miley Cyrus wore a bodysuit festooned with marijuana leaves on her Bangerz Tour. (Photo: Getty)

Of course, she’s not quite the rebel she makes herself out to be, at least not in California.

The state made recreational pot legal Jan. 1, so Noah is acting perfectly within the law.

Retail marijuana shops are part of the landscape now throughout the state. Customers only have to show their driver’s license and make their purchase

Noah is, however, the poster child of the legal pot era. She turned 18 eight days after the new California law went into effect.

Noah Cyrus posted a photo of herself on social media Friday night surrounded by bags of weed and a giant bong.

“Me n all my bffs,” Cyrus wrote on her Instagram post. in another vintage Miley photo, Noah posted a shot of herself with a Redbull and a joint.

“Me giving zero f***s that I piss people on the internet off daily,” she wrote.

Ho hum…

Noah released her EP last month. The EP debuted a No. 34 on the Apple iTunes Chart and peaked there, before falling. It had fallen to No. 91 earlier this month.

“Life kind of smacked me in the face and I made this EP,” she told ET. “It’s the music I want to be making. Every song was from my heart.”

Miley Cyrus lets her freak flag fly, posing with bags of pot (below) and smoking a joint with a Red Bull. (Photo: Noah Cyrus/Instagram)

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