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Susan Boyle Blows Song on ABC's The View (watch)

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Susan Boyle Blows Song on ABC's The View (watch) 1Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle stunned a live television audience on ABC’s The View today (Nov. 30) when she suddenly stopped in the middle of a song, and asked “Can we do it again?”

Boyle was on the show to promote her second album, The Gift, a follow up to last year’s platinum I Dreamed A Dream.

Boyle, 49, may have thought the show was being taped, and it wouldn’t be totally uncommon to stop and ask for a re-do.

But it wasn’t and the hosts, as well as the audience and viewers at home, were stunned by the embarrassing slip-up midway through a rendition of the Christmas carol “O Holy Night.”

As she sang, Boyle start coughing, then clutch her stomach and stopped.

Leaning away from the microphone she asked “Can we do it again?”

Boyle stood calmly in front of the microphone as hosts Sherri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg, rushed to her side to make sure everything was okay.

‘I’m sorry, I had a bit of a frog in my throat,’ Boyle said.

In the end, only viewers on the East Coast saw the gaff. The segment was re-recorded and Boyle got through the song without incident.

Check it out below; click to go.

Susan Boyle Blows Song on ABC's The View (watch) 2

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