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Miley Cyrus Nude!? Nah, Photo Looks Fake (See It)

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Miley Cyrus Nude!? Nah, Photo Looks Fake (See It) 1Now 18, but barely, Miley Cyrus has hit the Internet in provocative nude and semi-nude photos that are rapidly going viral. But  is the raciest, full-frontal photo really her? Here’s the evidence for and against.

Ever since Miley posed in Vanity Fair magazine semi-nude at the tender age of 15, the Internet has been hit from time to time by racy photos of the teen, most of which appear to have been self-taken with a camera phone.

Some obviously fake photos have also surfaced and at least one of the latest pictures is debatable.

The photo in question, showing a nude female wearing an open flannel shirt, is cut off at the neck, making it impossible to confirm that it’s Miley.

Check out Miley’s photos; Click to enlarge.

Miley Cyrus Nude!? Nah, Photo Looks Fake (See It) 2Miley Cyrus Nude!? Nah, Photo Looks Fake (See It) 3Miley Cyrus Nude!? Nah, Photo Looks Fake (See It) 4Miley Cyrus Nude!? Nah, Photo Looks Fake (See It) 5

While there are some tantalizing clues that suggest it could be her, one clue suggests that it isn’t.

Miley has a tattoo under her left breast, and the tattoo, which reads “Just Breathe” isn’t visible in the photo.

Although the shirt partially obscures her breast, part of the tattoo should be visible.

On the other hand, the girl in the photo has hair similar to Miley’s and the shirt is similar to one that Miley was photographed wearing in Madrid in early November. She was there for the MTV Europe Music Awards.

The photo shows the woman wearing a wrist band that looks likely something Miley wore in another photo, but it’s on the left wrist in the nude photo and on Miley’s right wrist in the normal photo.

Also the nude photo shows the woman holding the camera in her left hand; Miley is right handed and is pictured in other photos holding the camera in her right hand.

But the photo could be the reflection of  Miley in a mirror. If so, the image would be reversed and it would correspond closely to the singer.

The left breast with the tattoo would be obscured by her hair and shirt.

The photo was purported to have been taken at the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, where Miley stayed while she was in town. Her cell phone was reportedly recently stolen.

Miley has also been known to send racy camera photos of herself to various boyfriends.

While Miley was a minor when previous photos surfaced, she’s 18 now and legally an adult, leaving her little recourse to prevent provocative photos from being published.

But if they were taken in Madrid, then their publication could be legally questionable because Miley was 17 at the time.

Miley is on the rebound from ex-boyfriend and Liam Hemsworth, the Australian actor who co-starred with her in her movie, “The Last Song.” They were together for about a year.

Since the end of her Disney run as “Hannah Montana,’ Miley has been ramping up her sexuality as she begins the crossover to adult stardom.

She vamped it up at the MTV European Music Video Awards in a daring dress and on a recent European tour, she kissed her girl backup singers and a male dancer groped her breast during a dance number.

Her new video for her song, “Who Owns My Heart,” pushed the envelope on sexuality even more.

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