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Tough Guy Robert DeNiro Hilarious in Drag on SNL (watch!)

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Tough Guy Robert DeNiro Hilarious in Drag on SNL (watch!) 1Robert DeNiro in drag? The film tough guy plays a busty babe in a signature “Saturday Night Live” skit that featured Sean “Diddy” Combs and Andy Samberg as a music mogul and one of the “hottest hook guys” in music.

Diddy played a hyped up character, in short, himself, touting his latest find, Blizzard Man (Samberg), a white rapper who is definitely old school.

Blizzard Man lays down his rhymes while other producers wince, when DeNiro waltzes in, playing his mom.

“You know a bitch gotta stay dipped,” DeNiro says.

Diddy is suitably impressed: “If you wasn’t my man’s mom, I’d tear that ass up,” he says.

DeNiro also turns up as a grizzled barfly who Samberg and Jason Sudeikis have to bed in a nearby closet in order to get a drink.

Ben Stiller plays a cameo in one skit, and obvious promotion of the DeNiro-Stiller movie “Little Fockers,” a sequel to two previous Focker comedies.

Diddy performed twice with the “Dirty Money” ladies, Dawn Richard and Kalenna.

Check out DeNiro’s opening monologue and his hilarious skit.

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