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Christina Applegate's Hilarious Pregger Pole Dance (watch!)

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Christina Applegate's Hilarious Pregger Pole Dance (watch!) 1 Listen to this article

Christina Applegate's Hilarious Pregger Pole Dance (watch!) 2Christina Applegate is putting her baby bump to good use. The actress, 39 does a hilarious spoof promoting pole dancing for pregnant women for the comedy Web site FunnyorDie.

“Glee” actress Jessalyn Gilsig and “Reno 911” star Wendi McLendon Covey also appear in the video.

“The cold pole feels good on my ‘roids,” Covey declares in an faux endorsement.

Applegate, who is due next month, plays a character called Roxie Fedaro, in what appears to be an infomercial for prenatal pole dancing.

Applegate looks suprisingly sexy despite her bulbous figure. She’s dressed in short shorts, ripped fishnet tights, sky high black patent heels and a tight, mid-riff bearing tank top.

“Many pregnant women experience these things called hormones because you’re like a total fat ass,” she says as she moves around the pole, dancing to Christina Aguilera’s “Dirty.”

“You don’t feel sexy any more,” she explains. “That’s why you need something I like to call ‘seducidence. That’s seductive confidence, put together.”

She says pregnant pole dancing works “because when men see pregnant women they know she’s down for sex.”

“When you start pole dancing men can’t handle it,’ she dead pans. ‘And they want to fondle it…… that’s trademarked.”

Check out the video:

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