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Kellen Lutz: Robert Pattinson Now Works Out; Has Best Abs!

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Kellen Lutz: Robert Pattinson Now Works Out; Has Best Abs! 1 Listen to this article

Kellen Lutz: Robert Pattinson Now Works Out; Has Best Abs! 2

Robert Pattinson's abs were reportedly painted on for this scene in New Moon.

Robert Pattinson, who has been working out lately, now has better abs than ripped co-star Taylor Lautner. So says “Breaking Dawn” star Kellan Lutz. Rob’s stomach is even flatter than his, he adds.

“I think Rob [has the best abs] now,” Kellan, 25, told Access Hollywood from the “Breaking Dawn” set in Baton Rouge, La.

The muscular 6’1″ Kellan should know. He works out daily to stay fit, and says Rob has developed a newfound dedication to exercise.

Previously Pattinson said the most exercise he gets is from lifting a beer at his favorite bar. But things apparently have changed.

“Rob has been very diligent on his bicycle,” says Lutz. “He bikes a lot and he’s been training. I’m very impressed with him and I’d say that Rob [has the best abs] now.”

During a shirtless scene in the second film “New Moon,” Rob’s sharply defined abs were reportedly spray-painted on.

Vampires are supposed to be perfect physical creatures with superhuman strength.
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But Lautner, who has one of the most sculpted bodies, says everyone has gotten a help from the makeup department in shirtless scenes.

Kellan, who wants to become an action star like Matt Damon and Tom Cruise, says he’s excited about an upcoming scene with Kristen Stewart.

“I’m really excited to shoot the arm-wrestling scene between Bella and Emmett (his character) because I know it’s one of those scenes that the fans are really looking forward to,” says Lutz.

Kellan, who (like Taylor, 18) has to work out and follow a strict high-protein diet to maintain his muscle mass for “Breaking Dawn,” says the hardest part of filming the “Twilight” series is getting the colored contacts into his eyes.

“Definitely trying to get those contacts in my eyes [is the biggest challenge],” he says. “I have two technicians that kind of hold me down and dim the lights.

“I have small eyes and then my eyes are very sensitive. So, it’s not something I always look forward to when I have to come in an hour early to get the contacts in.”

Rob also complained about the contact lenses after shooting the first film “Twilight.”

“Breaking Dawn” will be released as two separate films.

Part 1 comes out Nov. 18, 2011, while Part 2 hits theaters in November, 2012.

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