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Miley Cyrus Gets High on Bong Hits at Raucous House Party

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Miley Cyrus Gets High on Bong Hits at Raucous House Party  1 Miley Cyrus is Hollywood’s next wild child after the newly minted 18-year-old partied hard following her birthday in November, taking bong hits of a substance that’s supposed to produce hallucinogenic effects.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, someone was there to videotape the whole thing, and the video turned up this morning on the celebrity Web site TMZ, which is known to pay big bucks for embarrassing celebrity photos and videos.

Cyrus was not smoking marijuana, but a substance making the rounds in Hollywood called Salvia, a natural herb with mild psychedelic effects. It’s legal in California.

While it wasn’t pot, Miley was clearing getting off.

“I’m having a little bit of a bad trip,” Cyrus says into the camera, fully aware she was being taped.

“Is that a Liam look-alike – is that my boyfriend?” she asked seemingly disoriented from the effects of the substance.

Giggling uncontrollably she asks, “Is that me tripping? Does that look like Liam at all?”

The video ends with Cyrus saying, “I want more of that s—,” laughing and talking gibberish.

The video was shot during a party at Miley’s L.A. area home five days after her 18th birthday, according to TMZ.

Miley should know by now that her bad behavior, with it’s flashing her private parts, or misbehaving is Internet gold, and her so-called “friends” seem to have no trouble cashing in on her foibles.

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