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Liz Hurley Twitter Flirting Leads to Cheating Scandal

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Liz Hurley Twitter Flirting Leads to Cheating Scandal 1

Arun Nayar and Elizabeth Hurley; Shane Warne (inset)

Actress Liz Hurley, who was married with much fanfare to billionaire Indian tycoon Arun Nayar in 2007, has been snared in a cheating scandal that began oddly enough on Twitter with rugged Australian cricket star Shane Warne.

Hurley’s involvement with Warne, may be the first celebrity romance ignited by Twitter exchanges.

In fact, Hurley, 45, took to Twitter earlier today (Dec. 12) to explain. She tweeted that she and her husband had separated “a few months ago,” but that was news to most tabloids.

Warne is considered a notorious philanderer. He split from Simone, the mother of his children Brooke, 13, Jackson, 11 and Summer, 8, after a string of affairs the same year Hurley married Nayar.

Her apparent fling with Warne, 41, came to light today when London tabloid News of the World published photos of the actress and sports star kissing passionately at a London hotel.
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In her latest tweet, Hurley did not mention Warne, or the nature of their relationship. But they have been exchanging flirty tweets since the summer.

“Not a great day,” Liz tweeted, an obvious reference to the tabloid scandal photos.

“For the record, my husband Arun & I separated a few months ago. Our close family & friends were aware of this,” she explained.

The pair apparently have been stalked by the tabloid for some time. It claimed to have videotaped them embracing and kissing outside restaurant Sake No Hana in London earlier this week.

“Hurley and Warne roared with laughter and chatted like old friends during the lively meal in a first-floor room. And at 1am they were spotted going down the escalator to the lobby area,” the newspaper reported.

Seems like Hurley was making all the moves.

‘While they waited for their coats to be brought to them Hurley reportedly pulled Warne towards her into a darkened doorway, cupped his face with her hands and leaned in to lock lips.”

“After releasing from their clinch they gazed into each other’s eyes and smiled adoringly,” the paper reported.

There were reports last year that the marriage was in trouble because Nayar was fed up with the British model-turned actor’s busy schedule.

At the time, the rumors were hotly denied.

During their Twitter flirtation, Hurley did little to hid her affection for the cricket star.

Hurley called father-of-three “Angel” in messages that could be seen by her 35,138 followers, and the 251,281 people that subscribe to Warne’s Twitter feed.

In one bizarre message that appears to be a coded message from a dog, Hurley tells Warne: “Sammy sends you a special lick and says he’d like to put his silky head on your shoulder.”

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