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Tracy Morgan, Star of NBC's '30 Rock,' Gets New Kidney

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Tracy Morgan, Star of NBC's '30 Rock,' Gets New Kidney 1Tracy Morgan, who plays an out-sized version of himself on the hit NBC comedy “30 Rock,” is doing well and taking “much-needed time” to recover from the surgery earlier this month to replace a kidney, a rep has confirmed.

Morgan, 42, suffers from diabetes and organ failure is often a complication of the disease, if not treated properly.

The actor-comedian expects to return to work on the New York-based NBC sitcom after the holidays, the rep said.

“Tracy is doing well and taking some much-needed time to recover after the surgery. He is looking forward to going back to work after the holidays,” the statement said.

Morgan plays the goofy star of a TV show on “30 Rock.”

Another “30 Rock” cast member, Grizz Chapman, also received a new kidney earlier this year.

Chapman is now a national spokesman for the U.S. Kidney Foundation.

Morgan had surgery Dec. 10 to replace the kidney.

Morgan was cavalier about his diabetes, which he’s had for 15 years, until a doctor told in he could lose a foot or do further damage to his body by letting the disease go untreated.

“That was it for me. Now I take my insulin every day,” he told Time magazine in 2006.

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