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Lindsay Lohan's Betty Ford Staffer Fired, Hires Lawyer

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Lindsay Lohan's Betty Ford Staffer Fired, Hires Lawyer 1Lindsay Lohan insists she is the victim following a late night confrontation with a Betty Ford Center staffer, who has now been fired for talking with the media and appears to have another violent episode in her past.

The counselor Dawn Holland told gossip Web site TMZ yesterday that Lohan shoved her after she tried to get the star to take a Breathalyzer test after missing curfew.

But Holland may already have been looking past her job. She has since hired a lawyer and will likely pursue civil claims against Lohan as well as the center.

The center released a statement after firing Holland.

“Regrettably, on December 21, 2010, one of our employees violated strict confidentiality guidelines and laws by publicly identifying patients in a media interview and by disclosing a privileged document,” it said.
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In the latest development, Lohan’s friends are now saying Holland was so abusive she made Lindsay cry, according to TMZ.

The friends say Lohan is also the one who called police. Holland is also reportedly pressing charges.

If Lohan is convicted of criminal battery, she could spend six months in jail because she is still on probation for her 2007 DUI arrest.

Lindsay reportedly passed the drugs and alcohol test but was said to be upset by the way she was treated.

Estranged father Michael Lohan said his daughter was not at party but was getting her hair done, “while the other two girls went their own way.”

Holland’s now ex-husband claims she assaulted him during an argument over his alleged cheating.

In another incident in 2008, Holland’s then-husband claims she “lost control, broke up a lot of my personal property and attacked me, kicking me in the leg and causing a contusion,” according to TMZ.

For her part, Dawn claims her hubby viciously attacked her on several occasions and won a restraining order against him.

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