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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart New Year's Eve to Remember (photo)

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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart New Year's Eve to Remember (photo) 1Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart avoided the glitz of celebrity New Year’s Eve parties for some quiet time on the Isle of Wright, just off the UK coast, a place they had visited at least once before and found some solitude.

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In fact, if an intrepid fan had not spotted them, posed for a photo with the two “Twilight” stars and posted it on her Facebook page, Rob and Kristen might have completely escaped press attention.

Before the photo was posted, the couple was thought to be spending the holidays in London, where Rob’s family lives.

While they undoubtedly checked in with Rob’s parents and family, they escaped to the resort island about 4 miles off the southern British coast to spend some time together.

Locals said they were spotted several times at The Spyglass Inn, a pub in the the town of Ventnor over the holiday weekend.

They reportedly enjoyed lunch there together and then returned that night to ring in 2011 to listen to live music with friends until the clock struck midnight.

The couple stayed by each other the entire time, both dressed casually in jeans and black jackets, which obviously was designed to blend in as much as possible.

The group was spotted one more time at The Splyglass Inn on New Year’s Day.

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Isle of Wight resident Hattie Bury spotted the couple on the street and was able to have the pose for a photo together.

“My friend went up and spoke to Kristen who seemed shocked,” she wrote.

“Probably because they seem to have grabbed no attention what-so-ever; so a couple of overly grinning fans wasn’t the first wish she had for New Year.”

The good news about their relaxing time together was off-set somewhat by tabloid reports of dissension between the two , which later turned out to be false.

One site reported that Kristen had sent Rob into a jealous frenzy for spending time with “On The Road” co-star Garrett Hedlund on Christmas Eve in Los Angeles.

The site claimed that Rob, who was in London, “went ballistic” after hearing about the supposed meeting.

Stewart “knows that Rob is jealous of Garrett and to go out with him while he’s miles and miles away did not sit well with him,” the site claimed, citing a purported insider.

As it turns out, Hedlund wasn’t in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, according to several reports.

Apparently the off-screen relationship between Rob and Kristen is just as strong as the on-screen relationship between Bella and Edward.

Twi fans everywhere are undoubtedly breathing a sigh of relief.

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