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Kristen Stewart Cooks Up Storm: Rob Pattinson or Garrett Hedlund?

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Kristen Stewart Cooks Up Storm: Rob Pattinson or Garrett Hedlund?  1Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend Kristen Stewart is not only starring with Garrett Hedlund in their movie “On the Road,” she’s cooking for him. Exactly how much time are they spending together, and should Rob be worried?

Rumors were rife that Garrett had come between Rob and Kristen, and that Kristen had asked for more space from her Twilight co-star. But as fast as the rumors fly they have been swatted down.

Kristen, 20, had previously revealed that she loves to cook and regularly watches The Food Network. But now it seems she’s whipped up one of her special meals for Garrett.

“You got to try her tortilla soup! It’s incredible,” her “On The Road” co-star gushed to MTV today (Jan. 10).
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Kristen is embarrassed by the fuss being made over her culinary skills.

“I didn’t bake, but I cooked a lot [on the set of On The Road],” Stewart said. “I was the only girl on set. I think I can do a really, really good, terrific tortilla soup. That was my ‘On the Road’ dish.”

Kristen, who enjoys baking, also makes delicious chicken dishes.

“I shouldn’t say that I cook anymore,” she says. “There was like a big BBQ and, like, a bunch of steaks and veggies, and I made chicken piccata. I’m so embarrassed right now,” she said.

But Kristen also let it be known that she also cooked for the Twilight cast.

“I made homemade marinara sauce starting at, like, two in the afternoon. It wasn’t done until eight. It was incredible. The ‘Twilight’ cast showed up,” she said.

In fact Kristen likes to eat so much, “Breaking Dawn” director Bill Condon put her on a diet so she would look her best her bikini and love scenes with Rob.”

Meanwhile, the slender 5’5″ Stewart, who flaunted her slim, toned bikini body for her honeymoon scenes in “Breaking Dawn,” is reportedly still in Baton Rouge, La., with her cast mates and filming of “Breaking Dawn” continues.

Rob, Kristen and Taylor Lautner jetted to Los Angeles to make an appearance in the People’s Choice Awards show last week, and had to turn right around and fly back.

Despite looking cozy at the awards show, the UK’s Look magazine claimed that Stewart ended things with the “Twilight” hunk.

“Kristen told Rob she’s finding the relationship very hard at the moment and that while she’ll always see him as a friend, she just can’t be his girlfriend anymore,” a supposed insider told the publication.

The unidentified source also added that Stewart is hoping to reconcile with Rob, once “Breaking Dawn” has finished shooting.

Twihards have refused to believe it.

Much of the speculation centers on whether Kristen pulled away from Rob when he tried to grab her hand on the way to the podium at the awards show. But it looked more like she didn’t realize he was extending his hand.

In the end, however, who really knows? The couple has never really confirmed they are dating, although evidence to that end is far stronger than rumors they are apart.

“Breaking Dawn” comes out in November 2011.

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