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Taylor Swift Turns on Pathos in Back to December Video

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Taylor Swift Bring Back December

Taylor Swift has released a new video for her weepy ballad “Back to December.” Fortunately, the country siren has had no shortage of stormy break ups, this one presumably with Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner, to come up with material.

This is probably her darkest and most somber song yet. This time, though, Swift is doing the breaking up, which is a switch. Usually the guy is dumping her, i.e. John Mayer and her latest ex-beau, Jake Gyllenhaal.

It’s off her platinum selling Speak Now, one of the fastest selling of the year.

The video has the look and feel of a Hallmark movie and is almost as maudlin. From bright sunshine to a snowy scene inside the house, no less, Swift croons about the pain of lost love.

Her ex-boyfriend finds her breakup letter in his coat pocket as he sits alone in the bleachers of a sports field.

In Swift’s eyes, a letter must beat the way her two other real life break ups were communicated. One dumped her with a text message, the other with a phone call.

The video was released today Jan 13, a date with special meaning to Swift, It’s the singer’s lucky number, according to MTV.

Still, Swift is pleasing to watch and oh so sweet.

The video cuts from shots of her in her bedroom, to sitting clothed in a bathtub. The home is hearth theme also comes across with a cozy kitchen scene.

Check it out below.

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