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Jim Carrey Steps Out With Third Woman Since Breakup

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Jim Carrey Steps Out With Third Woman Since Breakup 1 Listen to this article

Jim Carrey Steps Out With Third Woman Since Breakup 2Jim Carrey, who broke up with long-time girlfriend Jenny McCarthy last April, was spotted with America’s Next Top Model contestant Anchal Joseph in New York last night. She’s the third woman Carrey has been seen wining and dining since the break up.

Carrey is apparently is crossing a generational divide to date Joseph. She is 24 and Carrey is 49. Ex-flame McCarthy is 38.

He was spotted leaving a theater in New York hand-in-hand with the former America’s Next Top Model contestant, after watching Laura Linney’s new play Time Stands Still.

Carrey is reportedly playing the field. A source told the New York Post he was spotted with an unknown blonde at Fuerza Bruta: Look Up in New York’s Union Square. He was trailed by two burly bodyguards.

Before that, he was photographed with an unidentified brunette in October.

McCarthy told Oprah last fall that their relationship “wasn’t fun,” and said that she “was pretending.’

McCarthy has also hit the dating trail. She ended a four-month relationship with bodybuilder Jason Tohey in December and has been seen with sports agent Paul Kerepelka, according to reports.

McCarthy began dating Carrey in 2005.

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