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Chris Brown Wants Rihanna Ban Lifted for Grammys (video)

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Chris Brown Wants Rihanna Ban Lifted for Grammys (video) 1Rap singer Chris Brown wants to be allowed closer than a football field to ex-girlfriend Rihanna in time for the Grammy Awards, the backdrop of their infamous 2009 fight that left the pop singer battered and bruised.

Brown has been living under a restraining order that orders him to come no closer than 100 yards to Rihanna. Judge Patricia Schnegg imposed the protective order after Brown pleaded guilty to assault in August 2009.

Both Brown and Rihanna will return to the scene of the crime, of sorts. They are scheduled to attend this year’s ceremony in February. Under the order he must get no closer than 10 yards to her at the industry event.

Schnegg told Brown during a court appearance Friday (Jan. 28) that she would withhold lifting or modifying the order until she consulted with lawyers for his ex-girlfriend.

But she said she would act favorably on an order to reduced the protective order to a “do not annoy” order, according to MTV.

Brown was in court to wrap up a year-long domestic violence program that was part of his sentence for the assault.

Rihanna has been nominated for six Grammy Awards, five of them related to “Love the Way You Lie,” a duet with Eminem about domestic abuse.

Brown has been nominated for three Grammy awards, including best contemporary R&B album.

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