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American Idol Tries to Fake Way to Higher Ratings (video)

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American Idol Tries to Fake Way to Higher Ratings (video) 1Steven Tyler’s odd-ball antics on “American Idol” may be the only thing saving the show, so why stage a fake apology for the Aerosmith frontman? Apparently it was the producers’ bright idea to jazz ratings. It bombed.

The long-running hit show, which is in its 10th season and showing its age, has had little to apologize for so far, except perhaps, its staleness.

Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson delivered their usual bland performances. She’s as stiff as a mannequin; Jackson seems bored.

In contrast, Tyler, with his stream-of-consciousness style, seems totally at ease, and at least looks like he’s having fun.
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Forget about the mediocre talent that’s been getting passes to the Hollywood round.

The absence of Simon Cowell shows how much he dictated the pace of the show and provided just the right level of humiliation to keep it interesting.

Without him, the producers decided to pull a stunt.

It probably had its intended effect, causing a lot of pre-show head-scratching over exactly what Tyler had done to generate a mea culpa from Fox, which generally has no shame.

Celebrity show “Extra” had speculated that the apology would be over the show’s decision to have the judges meet a brain damaged woman who was confined to a wheel chair on stage. But the moment was actually touching, and Tyler was graceful.

When it finally aired the apology seemed to suggest Tyler had muttered a curse at one of the contestants, but the moment it happened, if it happened at all, had escaped the attention of just about everyone.

Early on, it seems as though producers were counting on veteran Jackson to carry the show. But he isn’t cutting it.

It’s time to let Tyler take over that role.

Other than that, the show had its usual rundown of so-so singers from Austin, Texas, one of the country’s hottest music cities.

Casey Abrams, 19, was the only real standout. He sang Ray Charles’ “I Don’t Need No Doctor.”

Normally, tackling a song by such a distinctive singer is a recipe for disaster because it draws painfully obvious comparisons. But he hit it out of the park.

In any event, check out the fake apology here:

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