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Miley Cyrus in New 'Locationship' With Josh Bowman (watch!)

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Miley Cyrus in New 'Locationship' With Josh Bowman (watch!) 1Miley Cyrus appears to have a bad case of leading man syndrome. She was spotted over the weekend in the arms of Josh Bowman, who is starring opposite her in her new romantic comedy “So Undercover.” Before that she spent a year with Liam Hemsworth from “The Last Song.”

Cyrus, 18, made no effort to conceal her affection for Bowman during a very public outing to Griffith Park in Los Angeles, which is equivalent to New York’s Central Park.

Bowman, 22, sat on the ground and Miley laid back in his arms as he gave her small kisses over and over again.
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Miley, who was cradling her puppy in her lap while they chatted and laughed together.

Bowman, however, has a reputation for being a serial womanizer. Two years ago, he was spotted romancing drug addled UK Singer Amy Winehouse in the Caribbean.

Winehouse was spending an extended period on the island of St. Lucia, and met Bowman, who was then an unknown actor.

He’d spent the previous year working odd jobs in New York, even though he comes from an upper class English home and attended posh Wellington College in Berkshire, where boarding fees are $35,000 a year, according to London’s Daily Mail.

Rumors surfaced that he was dating Winehouse for publicity, but he denied that. “I’d rather get my name out there because of my acting rather than who I’m being photographed with,” he said at the time.

He certainly didn’t mind being photographed with Cyrus. He was in Los Angeles during a break in filming in New Orleans.

Such relationships are often known as “locationships,” because they start while two stars are filming together on location, but usually don’t last much longer than that.

Cyrus went with Hemsworth for almost a year. Let’s see if Bowman can top that.

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