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Robert Pattinson Stunt Double Steps Out of Shadows (video)

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Robert Pattinson Stunt Double Steps Out of Shadows (video) 1When “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson gave a shout out to Paul Darnell as he accepted the “Best Fight” MTV Movie Award, the name flew in an out of the consciousness of most viewers.

The cameras were fixated on the vampire hunk and castmate Cam Gigandet, and even Paul didn’t know about the shout out at first.

But few actors have worked as closely with Pattinson as Darnell has, except, perhaps, for Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Darnell is Rob’s stunt double and he spoke recently to a Rob Pattinson fan site in the United Kingdom. He talked about filming the award winning fight scene.
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“The last battle scene in ‘Twilight’ was very intense. Many of the stunts involved hard hits with wires and crashes which are so much fun to do!

“Without risking personal injury to Rob, I ended up doing the majority of stunts in the final battle which won the award.” he says.

The MTV awards show caught him totally by surprise.

I was at a friend’s house and I started getting text messages and phone calls from friends saying ‘I think Rob Pattinson just thanked you on national TV.’

“I was really stoked and also a little confused by the “I think” part. Immediately I went online and found a video of Rob’s speech where he gave me credit for the award but said the wrong last name.”

“Nonetheless, I was so stoked that he would even think of me for a shot out. Actors rarely do that for stuntmen. Rob is a very considerate individual and true gentleman.

“When I saw him on the set of Remember Me he immediately apologized for the mishap.”

Last summer, Paul teamed up with Rob again for “Water for Elephants?”

“Rob has a scene feeding tigers, REAL tigers, that could eat you if they wanted. Rob played it cool and had no problems working with them at all. Probably better than I could,” he said.

Now, Paul is working with Rob again on “Breaking Dawn,” which has more action scenes than any of the other Twilight movies.

[I] can’t say much other than it is going to be an amazing film!,” he says.

When Paul is performing as stunt double for Rob, he’s involved in

He’s an advocate of Parkour, which is “the practice of efficient movement through your environment.”

“Freerunning is the art of movement. Even though they are both very similar and originated from the same roots, freerunning focuses more on the creative side of movement,” he says.

“It allows you to express yourself through your movements,” he says.

To find out more check out freerunning.

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